We here at Calling All Angels LIVE!

About Us

IMG_3919Mission Statement

We here at Calling All Angels LIVE!!!!! are here to provide humanitarian aid, security and medical care for the Christians and all the innocent children being persecuted in the Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq by ISIS.

We are all volunteers with former military, Law Enforcement, public /private businessmen and women with the desire to do something……not complaining and do nothing.

Our last mission directly bought food and medication for over 200+ families.
We escorted Christian children that escaped the sex slave camps back to a safe haven in Sulymaniah .
We provided medication and supply to the many American Volunteers that stand guard at the refugee areas and perimeters of villages formerly occupied by Isis.

We need help, we all have sold belongings, vehicles,personal property of value and raised cash by fundraisers within communities we are all residents of.

If ever you felt Christianity was under attack by an outside entity, ISIS is that evil. The atrocities we all witnessed by these Barbaric so called humans to other humans is unspeakable.
We enclose those that we were able to endure for those wanting to view.I personally cannot be comfortable in my home safely in America while this is happening to innocent children.